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Having been established for over 20 years, we have a wealth of experience in delivering support and services to our clients, services include

  • Design and Build
  • Support
  • Consulting Services

We can help you identify your data, build your datawarehouse and then maintain it for you, or provide you with the knowledge to maintain your warehouse yourself. We embrace use of Open Source tooling as well as Enterprise tool set.

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  • 01 National Trust

    We have used consultancy services from Hill Lane Consulting for two projects having found that the skills provided and the dedication to the National Trust have been outstanding. The quality of the work is excellent, should the opportunity arise we will use Hill Lane Consulting on future projects

  • We decided that it would be most cost effective to outsource the work rather than commit to the high cost and long time investment that would have been required to acquire the in-house resource that would have been required. With the help of Hill Lane Consulting, both systems were implemented successfully using VB .Net married to a MySQL database, although could also use Oracle as the RDBMS. Hill Lane Consulting worked closely with us during the requirements gathering phase and completed the development, testing and deployment of the systems well within programme and budget. Ongoing support by both remote and onsite means have also provided us with the high level of service that our customers need."



We offer a range of IT technical solutions.

Data Services

At the heart of your business is your data. Your data helps you to identify opportunities and this intelligence is key to expanding and becoming more profitable. Its important to maintain the infrastructure on which your data resides, this is where a Database Administration service can be extremely useful to ensure your data is available, maintained and can be recovered should the worst happen.

Data Warehousing

To help your Business Analysts get the best intelligence out of your data within your organisation, you often need to consolidate your data. You often find you have many pockets of data and valuable information spread across your business. This data could be stored in a database, spreadsheet or just a document. By using a Data Warehouse to create a single source of truth, and ensuring all your data is in one place can make a big difference.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a real buzz word these days, and often shortened to (BI). It is essentially a process used in identifying, extracting, and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products and/or departments or associated costs and incomes. This is the kind of key information you can use within your organisation to help you achieve. We have a weatlth of experience in building the data model that allows you to easily extract your business data, and use this to make business decisions. Its often useful to have a set of tools to allow you to extract and present this information.


Many organisations are looking for ways to save money in these current economic climates. Others just need to call upon some technical skills when the need arises.. We can provide outsourcing solutions based upon your requirements, be they just some consultancy days, or full support contracts to support a specific project or business need.

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